Wireless earbuds have been extremely popular since Apple introduced their first wireless earbuds called Apple AirPods back in 2016. The idea of wireless earbuds was well taken by the gadget lovers and hence the market of Bluetooth earphones and Headphones has been highly affected by the invention of wireless buds. Apart from Apple, several top companies are producing their versions of earbuds with more innovative technologies and superior performance.

Xiaomi Redmi Wireless AirDots; Image Source: Xiaomi

However, the price point of earbuds was an extreme drawback for the gadget lovers. The price for Apple AirPods had started from 159 dollars, which seems too much for a pair of earbuds. However, other top companies like Samsung are trying to occupy their market by releasing their Samsung Galaxy Buds in a comparatively lower price yet greater configuration.
Although all these high end prices didn’t stop the fans to buy these promising and innovative gadgets. Still a cheaper version of Bluetooth earbuds from a reputed company was a crying need for the fans and followers. At last, Xiaomi has brought their version of Wireless Bluetooth earbuds in a very reasonable price. They have named it Xiaomi Redmi Wireless AirDots. The price range for this long awaited product has started from 99 Yuan or 30 dollars which is way under the range of other wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Like a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds cost almost 100 to 110 dollars, and the price range of AirPods starts from 159 dollars. So the price is quite cheap comparing to them. But the real question is if the AirDots are as good as the Galaxy Buds or AirPods. Let’s dig into the specifications and performance details of this gear:

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots; Image Source: Giztop

The Redmi Wireless AirDots are manufactured for versatile and solid performance. From music to gaming, this earbuds have been designed for crystal clear sound and marvelous audio experience. The design is quite small yet functional as earbuds. Elegant looks and exquisite finishing have made this earbud look great. The design is compact and contains buds to cling to your ears. Besides each earphone is only 4.1 g in weight. So you do not feel uncomfortable and there is absolutely no chances of the earbuds to fall from your ears. The Xiaomi Redmi Wireless Airdots come in various colors like black, red, blue, indigo, peach etc. Overall, the design is quite impressive as wireless earbuds.

The design is compact and comfortable for your ears; Image Source: Xiaomi

The main thing to focus on this device is its performance. The Xiaomi Redmi Wireless Airdots has a very solid performance considering its price. Xiaomi Redmi Wireless AirDots are equipped with a 7.2mm sound unit, which has a medium to high frequency and a low-frequency dip. So it is also capable of delivering a high quality stereo audio and also producing a deep bass for a greater music experience. Apart from the sound quality, the usage procedure seems quite handy and comfortable. The AirDots have a button on the outer side of each bud, a single click on which stops whatever is playing on your earphone, and a double tap opens up Google Assistant or Siri. So you do not have to use your mobile to every time. Also, the device connectivity seems actually good. This earbud is run on by Bluetooth 5.0, which is pretty great, because this not only helps to diminish the device lag, but also great for power saving function. The setup procedure also seems quite easy and simple. Overall, the performance seems quite great comparing to the price.

The 7.2mm sound unit delivers perfect sound and deep bass; Image Source: Xiaomi

The best part of the Redmi AirDots is its battery life. The Xiaomi Redmi Wireless Airdots have a 40 mAh power supply in each earphone, which gives each earbud a 4 hours of listening time. The backup time is excellent considering the charger box. The charger box contains 300 mAh battery which gives an additional 12 hours of battery life, so we do not have to worry about the battery life. Another plus point is, the charger box support wireless charging, which is surprising considering the price range. Overall, the battery specification is impressive.

The Charger Box is capable of providing additional 12 hours battery life; Image Source: Giztop

The Xiaomi Redmi Wireless AirDots are indeed excellent considering its performance and specifications. At this price range, this earphones are unbelievably good. It doesn’t seem like the price point has affected its solid performance, although we are not quite sure if this earphones will be long-lasting. Still this earbuds would definitely be a steal for budget users and also gadget lovers.

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