The success train of Xiaomi Mi Band series doesn’t seem to stop. Xiaomi is producing more and more exclusive and brilliant gadgets every time. From mobile phones to smart bands, they have indeed set a new bar of success in the gadget industry. Their lately released smart band is no exception. Amazing specifications with an extremely reasonable price has made history in the smart band industry. Xiaomi reportedly sold about 1 million units of their latest smart band called Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 and this milestone was achieved within just 8 days. Let’s see the overall specification and details which brought about this massive success.

Mi Smart Band 4; Image Source: Techline-Linus

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 was released in June this year. The Smart Band has come in three versions with different price and added features. Among the three versions, one of them is a special “Avengers Edition”, one is the normal version, and lastly, the remaining one is the special version with NFC. Anyways, this smart band has introduced many new features and specifications in it.

Mi Smart Band 4; Image Source: Techline-Linus

This smart band has quite the same design as the Mi Band 3. The classic long display with a silicone strap is present in this smart band also. The display case is easily removable so that you can move to other silicone strap according to your mood and style. Because this smart band comes in a lot of colors like black, purple, orange, beige, blue, etc. Another feature of the design is this smart band has a 2.5D glass protection on the top of the display. So if you are concerned about scratching or breaking it, there is actually very few chances of making it happen. Besides, the smart band is fully water resistant to protect your band while swimming or running in the rain. This smart band has been made to be water resistant up to 50 meters. This is truly excellent for smart bands in such a cheaper price. In our opinion, Xiaomi played safe with the design of their smart band as they followed a design that is a classic choice of people, but there is nothing innovative or surprising about the display except the 2.5D glass protector.

Mi Smart Band 4; Image Source: Techline-Linus

The most significant and surprising feature of this smart band was its color display. For the first time, Mi has introduced a full color display to their smart band. The Mi Smart Band 4 has a 21.6 mm display with a width of 10.8 mm, which is quite larger than its previous smart band Mi Band 3. Mi Band 3 has a 17.2 mm display with a width of 9.6mm so technically Mi Smart Band 4 has a 39.9% larger display than Mi Band 3. Anyways, the Mi Smart Band 4 has a full color AMOLED display with a resolution of 120 x 240. This color display has introduced a new feature for their smart bands, which is watch faces. Mi Smart Band 4 has more than 77 watch faces for you to choose from. You can now keep a watch face in its sleep mode. With this color display, you can call, text or check app notifications of your phone. The display is brighter than Mi Band 3, so it gives a more clear and perfect display experience.
Mi also features up to 20 day battery life for full charging each time. This is indeed brilliant as a smart band with color display. They have featured a new six-axis sensor in the tracker to verify a range of fitness activities. It also tracks your sleep pattern to provide you better suggestions and keep you energized. It also monitors your sleep with a wristband alarm function to wake you up.

Charging Mi Smart Band 4; Image Source: Techline-Linus

Mi Smart Band 4 has introduced several health features like fitness tracking, heart rate sensor etc. This is not new for fitness trackers and smartwatches, but it is quite excellent for smart bands in this price range.

The price range of this smart band is quite cheap considering its features and configuration. Starting from only CNY169( € 21) is smartwatch is quite reasonable. And the NFC version for wireless payments is priced at CNY 229 (€ 30). Overall, it is a great deal and totally reasonable to buy.

Xiaomi is indeed slaying the market with their brilliant and inexpensive gadgets. This smart band is a massive hit in the smart band industry which created a huge pressure on their chief contender Huawei and time will say how Huawei comes back to take over this important industry.

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