Samsung continues acing the smartwatch industry with another creation. After releasing Samsung Galaxy Watch in August 2018, they released a basic version of this galaxy watch called Samsung Galaxy Watch Active in February this year. Samsung Galaxy Watch was a success in terms of sales and user reviews.

Their Tizen based operating system has been immensely praised for its user-friendly interface. Such positive reviews and an excellent sales figure was still not enough to catch up with the success of Apple Watch since they were still holding the top position. So a less costly but equally efficient version of Samsung Galaxy Watch was needed to compete with Apple’s newly launched Watch Series 4 for higher sales. So they launched an updated version of this watch along with Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy Bud in February this year. Fashionable sporty design with great features has already made this watch a fan favorite.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active;

Image source: Engadget

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is a lightweight, basic version starting from only 170 US dollars. This smartwatch is smaller in size than the Galaxy Watch, only 1.1” or 28-millimeter display and only 25 grams body weight. The watch is shaped perfectly circular with only 10.5-millimeter thickness.

The case is made of aluminum containing two navigation buttons and a display. The display is a circular Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 360 x 360. The display is colorful and bright. The display is guarded by Corning® Gorilla® Glass which makes it more durable. The watch also has a full color Always On Display feature, which makes it looks pretty fancy. The case does not contain rotating bezel, so it mainly relies on touch functions. The case is certified IP68 water and dust resistant under 50-meter water for 30 minutes.

So it is great for swimming and rains. Various colors of straps are available like black, silver, rose gold, and green which gives it a vibrant look. Overall the watch looks fashionable and sporty and most importantly, simple.

Simple, sporty looking watch comes with various color options; Image source: Samsung

This watch runs by Tizen Operating System version 4.0, which is indeed a complete operating system for a smartwatch. This operating system has been widely praised for its user-friendly interface. The watch has 4GB internal memory and 768MB RAM. An Exynos 9110 1.15 GHz processor makes this watch super fast and efficient.

Multiple sensors such as, Accelerometer, Barometer, Gyro Sensor, HR Sensor, and Light Sensor allow you to perform different functions. It has various connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, etc. So it can very swiftly fetch data from your mobile.

Water resistance and Corning Gorilla Glass give it a solid and intact finishing;

Image source: Samsung

This watch comes with excellent features and health supports. Its daily activity feature helps you to achieve your goal soon. Integrated with the Samsung Health app, it works like your personal health trainer. With more than six types of exercise modes and auto-detection of workout, it is certainly great for fitness training. But other smartwatches offer more health options and more exercise modes although it seems enough for this price range.

It also has a heart rate sensor which can detect your stress level by making a graph of your heart rate activity. It has a stress reliever feature which guides you to breathe in and breathe out to reduce your stress level. Overall it is a great fitness trainer company for you in this price range.

It guides you to stay fit just like your personal fitness trainer; Image source: Engadget

It helps you reduce your stress; Image source: Samsung

The best part about this watch is, it doesn’t focus only on health features like other smartwatches. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active lets you connect with more entertaining and motivational apps. Musical apps like Spotify keep you motivated. You can also check your notifications from various apps. You can set alarms, get notified on your events, set a workout schedule all by one single watch. It is indeed a perfect example of what a smartwatch can do.

This smartwatch is your best companion for entertainment and personal assistance;

Image source: Engadget

Another great feature of this watch is its battery life and wireless charging. This watch has a 230mAh battery which can back you up for more than 45 hours. This watch is one of the few watches with a wireless charging feature. You can charge up your device with a wireless power sharer and get ready to go within no time.

This smartwatch supports wireless charging which never lets you go out of charge; Image source: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is indeed a great watch. Exclusive features but a lower price will definitely dominate the smartwatch market. This could be your smartwatch if you’re finding something extraordinary in the budget. Some features may not be as elaborate as that is in other high-end smartwatches but it is certainly the one for you if you want the best in the budget.

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