Speaker or sound amplifiers are used to make the perfectly loud sound for large or a crowded place. We all need speakers or sound system for playing music, watching movie on big screen, even we need speakers for public speaking. But the most common use of a speaker is playing music at any party, from pool party to disco night, everywhere. You can not imagine how a good audio speaker lifts up an entire party.

Bluetooth audio speakers come really handy for small house parties or any outdoor party. Easy setting process and wireless property makes it really hassle free. Besides, Bluetooth audio speakers are ideal for its portability and smaller sizes. Also, they are absolutely perfect for personal use. So you will be not a bit disappointed for buying a Bluetooth audio speakers.

Oontz Angle 3; Image Source: Cambridge Soundworks

Cambridge Soundworks is a renowned company for Bluetooth audio speakers and sound systems. They are quite competitive in the audio industry for their budget friendly Bluetooth speakers.

Modern design and solid performance make their Bluetooth speakers really unbeatable in the audio industry. One of their most famous Bluetooth speakers are their Oontz Angle series. The first two products of this series called Oontz Angle & Oontz Angle 2 achieved great reviews and obtained a handsome sales figure.

Oontz Angle 3 has unique design and several exclusive colors; Image Source: Cambridge Soundworks

Following the footsteps of the predecessors, another brilliant Bluetooth audio speaker of this Angle series has been released lately. The name of the latest product of the series is Oontz Angle 3. Focusing on enhanced sound quality and louder audio, this Bluetooth speaker has already caught the eyes of fans & followers. Following is the specification details of this Bluetooth audio speaker.

The design is pretty functional yet goodlooking; Image Source: Cambridge Soundworks

At first glance the wireless speaker looks quite unique. The speaker has an interesting triangular pillar type design which instantly catches the eye of the user. The wireless audio speaker is very lightweight weighing just over 9 ounces and compact in size with only 5.25 inches length.

So it comes very handy while transferring it. Besides, the wireless audio speaker comes in different colors like black, red, pink, blue, gray and a special Coca-Cola edition so you get to choose your favorite color and design to match your style. The audio speaker has physical buttons on the side surface.

The triangular design is quite functional as it yields the two large surfaces for equal distribution of sound in 360 degree area. So the design is pretty functional and unique.

This speaker has a special Coca-cola edition ; Image source: Cambridge Soundworks

Another plus point of the design is the wireless audio speaker is it is IPX5 certified water resistant, which can tolerate any kind of gentle water splash or water spray, but cannot be submerged partially or fully. So the speaker is indeed perfect for your pool parties or beach parties or even you can use it in your bathroom for playing music in shower.

The water resistant feature makes it suitable for your pool parties; Image Source: Cambridge Soundworks

Oontz Angle 3 offers an excellent audio experience with their latest technologies. Its 10 Watt AMP Power AMP delivers a surprisingly loud sound with the minimal sound distortion even at the highest volume.

Besides, their custom designed precision stereo drivers deliver crystal clear sound for a quality audio session. Also, the bass has an excellent output which is enhanced by their proprietary downward facing passive bass radiator.

Another plus point of the speaker is it has a built-in mic for hands-free personal speakerphone which allows you to manage calls from your smartphone. This feature is quite impressive as a low range wireless audio speaker.

This speaker offers excellent wireless range and smart connectivity; Image Source: Cambridge Soundworks

The most attractive feature of the Oontz Angle 3rd Generation is, this speaker has a whopping 100 feet wireless Bluetooth range which is quite incredible. An advanced antenna design along with Bluetooth 4.2 technology provides a faster connection and also a lag-free music experience.

The speaker is compatible with almost every Bluetooth gadgets including Echo Dots. Also, you can connect two Oontz Angle 3 to simultaneously play the same audio which is really smart and useful for a louder music.

Solid performance and low price make this speaker a popular one among the users; Image Source: Cambridge Soundworks

The battery life is also impressive in the Oontz Angle 3 speaker. This speaker can provide up to 14 hours play time at a single full charge. So it is certainly great for an overnight weekend party.

Pricing at only 26 dollars, this Bluetooth audio speaker is excellent for such solid and creative features. So this speaker is indeed perfect for you if you are looking for some solid features at a low range budget. We hope Cambridge Soundworks launch more great speakers like this in the upcoming days.

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