The smartwatch revolution has created a new industry of gear and accessories. Along with the increased popularity, smartwatches have been upgraded and also getting more expensive. High end smartwatch brands like Apple, Samsung or Fitbit are manufacturing and selling them at a comparatively high price range. Like Apple’s latest smartwatch Apple Watch 4 starts from a whopping 399 dollars where Samsung’s latest flagship smartwatch namely Samsung Galaxy Watch starts from 330 dollars which is quite expensive.

KingWear KW88 Pro; Image Source: Tech Brothers

On the other hand, there are some mid-range to low-range smartwatches by other companies like Huami Amazfit smartwatches which is quite excellent but costing only 79 dollars. There are some more brands that are providing quality smartwatches in extremely low price. Among them, KingWear has been a known name in the online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay or Aliexpress. Their latest smartwatch called KingWear KW88 Pro got a huge recognition at the online shopping sites. Pricing only at 90 dollars, this smartwatch achieved an extensive public interest about its performance. Let’s have the insights of this “Budget” smartwatch.

KingWear KW88 Pro; Image Source:Tech Brothers

The KingWear KW88 Pro is designed to resemble quite like classic wristwatches. Circular dial with chorographic watch faces gives it a similar look like formal wristwatches. The circular case is 1.39 inches in diameter with a silicon strap. The design almost looks like Samsung Gear 3, although it has no bezel ring. The most disappointing part of the design is, the product is not water resistant. So if you are planning to take it to your jogging or swimming session, there’s a high chance of it getting damaged.

KingWear KW88 Pro has a surprisingly amazing display; Image Source: Tech Brothers

The feature that surprised us the most is its display. KingWear KW88 Pro has an touchscreen AMOLED 1.39 inch display, with a resolution of 400 x 400, which is quite impressive as a low budget smartwatch. Another exceptional feature of this smartwatch is its camera. It’s quite rare for smartwatches to have a camera. But KingWear KW88 pro has a 2.0 MP camera which gives you the chance to freely take photos by using it. Besides, you can use it as the remote control of your universal smartphone.

Usage of SIM card in smartwatch has created a new dimension in the smartwatch industry; Image Source: Tech Brothers

Another exceptional fact of this smartwatch is, you can use a separate sim card for this smartwatch. This smartwatch supports a Nano sim card, which actually gives you to have 2G or 3G network. You can independently make a call and send or receive sms by this smartwatch. This smartwatch can keep the data of your contacts and call history which is indeed exceptional as a smartwatch.

The KingWear KW88 Pro has a 350 mAh battery which is pretty enough for you to use it all day long. Although KingWear claimed that their smartwatch would last up to 3 days, but we don’t think 350 mAh is enough for its bright AMOLED display and internal configuration. Another negative part of the power function is the smartwatch doesn’t have any Wireless charging capacity. Anyways, the battery configuration is not too bad overall.

The KingWear KW88 Pro has a heart rate monitor sensor; Image Source: Tech Brothers

This smartwatch has an internal memory of 16 GB and a RAM of 1 GB. It has a quad core processor of 1.3 GHz. Although KingWear didn’t announce any details of the processor, so we are not sure whether it is a high end processor or a low end processor. However, this smartwatch supports multiple wireless connectivities like 3G, GSM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS etc. These connectivity features make the device truly independent and wireless.

The KingWear KW88 Pro is run by Android 7.0 operating system. It supports other android mobiles and tablets, although it can not connect to an iOS device like iPhone or iPad. However, it really doesn’t need to connect to other devices as it’s kind of an independent gadget. Because, this smartwatch has alarm, browser, calculator, calendar, MP3, MP4, music player and what not! It is a complete smartwatch. In other words we can say, it is a wearable smartphone.

You can also download apps and play games through this device; Image Source: Tech Brothers

In this peak era of smartwatches, most of the smartwatches focus on its fitness features. But KingWear KW88 actually does not have any creative fitness features. The only thing it has is pedometer. It can track your walking and measure the distance and duration of it. Besides it has a sedentary reminder function which monitors your health all time and remind you to work out and exercise properly. But comparing to other smartwatches and smart bands, it is not impressive and quite disappointing.

Overall, this smartwatch is great considering its price and other features. It is truly a mini wearable smartphone. We hope KingWear brings a more updated version of this in future eradicating all the drawbacks and make a perfect gear.

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