Recently  Huawei released a smartwatch named HUAWEI Watch GT, with a kinda sporting look. Now Huawei is passing some tough times, but their watches are passing although good time with ever-increasing popularity and fanbase.

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It is one of their best selling products of 2018-19. It recently got two edition : one is active and the other is elegant edition.  It is more like a traditional watch than like a smartwatch. It is now available in Bangladesh in smartphone and smartgadget shops.

Display and Design

Image source: Huawei.consumer.Com

It has full color OLED touchscreen display of 1.39 inches with 57.9% screen to body ratio, enough for a watch display to produce vibrant & crisp looks. It is 10.6mm thick and weighs just about 46gm, so light-weight.

Resolution is 454*454 pixels which is quite high as a smartwatch and PPI is 326. Also it is water proof up to 50meters. Build quality is pretty much solid one with stainless steel frame and ceramic back part. Gives much durability if you are a sports person. Feels quite much premium in hands.

There are 2 buttons as power and function button helps you to navigate the watch when you aren’t using the touchscreen itself.  Wrist coverage range is 14~21cm. Straps are silicon made so free from sweating and doesn’t feel too laggy.

Specs view; Image source:


It runs on huawei’s own wearable platform, “lightOS “ and is fast sensitive to responses. It lacks expandable SD card slot and has 128MB internal storage with 16MB RAM which looks so poor in eyes. They should have increased the numbers. Even if they kept the numbers, they should have opted to allow the use of SD card to avoid the storage problem.

You can’t load it up with music, photos as it has tiny space just to operate the watch fluently. System requirement is Android 4.4 or later and for IOS is IOS 9.0 or later. Yes it is compatible with iphone and all Android phones. Cheers. The main limitation is app support. You can’t install any random app to enjoy it because of the low memory. As there is no Wear OS, so app support gets limited there.


Steps counter; Image source:

No camera, No loudspeaker, No microphone, No 3.5mm headphone jack -so much disappointment in a box. what were they thinking while  making it??

It doesn’t support wifi but has bluetooth 4.2. No USB, RADIO available on it. Supports GPS. You have to connect it to your phone via bluetooth by pairing it with the app installed on your phone to enjoy seemless features.

Sensors like accelerometer,  gyro, magnetometer, ambient light sensor,  heart-rate, barometer, compass, etc are there on it which is good to see. After being paired up with your smartphone- you can receive all of your notifications from message, email whatsapp, fb,  calender, etc on it and it is synced very nicely to keep update. No sim slot is there, that’s so sad. You can’t receive the call and speak via your watch.

Huawei Truseen 3.0 monitors the heartrate. It also supports 3 satellite positioning systems(GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO) for precise location idenfication. It measures the sleep through Huawei Trusleep 2.0 to sleep better.

Display with straps; Image source:


It has super-powerful battery with respect to its specs which gonna keep you on throughout 2days of extensive usage. 14 days for typical usage for sport edition

It has 420mah li-po battery which is non-removable.  According to the battery part, it looks like a good nut. After 10 days of extensive usage, it had still 72% power alive in it.

Charging process; Image source:

Charging requirement is 5V. 5/1/1.5/2A

Synchronizing app

 Huawei own health app.

Huawei Health app with charger; Image source:


200euro/ 17,000 Tk

Pros and Cons


How it works

Image source:

–  Good display

– Huawei wearable platform

– massive battery

– waterproof

– Solid build

– Lightweight

– good for sporty figure

– comfortable and stylish


– absence of sim slot

– Lack of SD card slot

– No loudspeaker, no microphone

– No camera


– No Wifi

– stickey price

– limited 3rd party service support

– no 4g

– lack of wireless charging

FOR whom

Watch on hands of a sports person; Image source:

Fitness focused person, with a premium looking package. Overall it is a pretty much a good wearable, comfortable to wear, stylish to see, the activity also great and battery life is awesome.

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