A google powered OS smartwatch Fossil sport smartwatch” which features a quite bold look and price in the market of smart watch segment. A mid ranger smartwatch which packs almost everything to keep you updated to your health.

It is mainly portrayed for the runners but as a normal person, you would get full feel of it if you are ready to pay  $275 for it. It is not equipped with high end features but it will cover a lot.

FOSSIL SPORT ; Image source: Engadget

Google and Fossil both signed MoU of $40M to develop  smartwatches which will have access to google’s products and updates which will make it more easier to operate.

So it is powered by Wear OS of google and to be exotic that it is compatible with both android and IOS. To mention that wear OS is a trademark of google LLC. To pair this with smartphone, one has to have a android OS 4.4+ or IOS 9.3+. It is gonna be a premium watch for you if you prefer brand name above specs.

Display look; Image source: Gadgetsboy

Design and Display

There are 2 buttons above and below keeping a dial in centre. The centre dial is programmed by Google and others are for Fossil’s own works. You can also reprogram the button to do other works if you find the current activities odd. The buttons are quite strong to function which ensures that you wouldn’t set it on accidentally.

It has 1.19″ in OLED display with 390*390 resolution which is bright enough for you to observe and enjoy. Bright but not the brightest. It might be little hard to understand the readings in direct sunlight. There are two cases: one is 41mm and the other is 43 mm with straps available of 18/22mm depending on user choice.

The total body is aluminium build so it feels light to the hand and straps are not prone to sweating as it is silicon built. The watch is water resistant upto 5ATM and totally swimproof.


It comes with internal storage of 4GB and 512 RAM,  supported by Qualcomm snapdragon  Wear 3100. It supports accelerometer, altimeter, heart rate monitor,sensor, microphone, NFC, fast GPS, gyroscope, ambient light sensor etc. Both wifi and bluetooth can be accessed by it.

No notifications can go unnoticed while you have your fossil paired to your device. It stays connected to your smartphone Via Bluetooth Technology. Whenever notification arrives a gentle buzz tells you to attend it.

Apps ; Image source: The verge

It supports google pay so you don’t have to worry if you leave your moneybag at home,feel free to shop. Fossil is there to give you backup against all sorts of payment problems using googla pay because it sports NFC.

Image source: Reddit

It is more suitable for android than on ios.


It is one of the best fitness tracker of current generation because of its lightweight, long battery backup and nearly perfect sensors. Both built in heart rate monitor and GPS will provide you untethered support with great accuracy. Only dent is that it takes  quite long time to load the GPS.

You can have any app fitness app downloaded from google play store and enjoy seemless features.¬† But careful, don’t load it fully.So if you are looking for a watch for fitness, the fossil sport stands alone to give the most satisfactory result better than others due to its build and qualities.

Heart rate monitor; Image source: android authority

Image source: android authority


Most of the people knows that a LCD display consumes more power than a OLED/AMOLED display because of it’s color reproduction.

In that way, fossil is way more better to give a backup upto 2 days with extensive usage due to its OLED display. If you want you can activate the always on display but that would drain the battery fast. I suggest you keep it off unless required to save some power for critical times.

GPS on fossil sport; Image source: wp.com

For charging, it needs only 1 hr to charge it upto 80% with rapid fire charging, so you don’t have to let it go off for a long time.

The battery capacity is somewhere around 400-500mah,  30mins of inactivity can cause it go into sleep mode. For charging it has magnetic charging which is rather very fast.

Wear os by google; Image source: neowin.com

So fossil and wear OS is on move again to shake the market.

Price: $275

It might not be the best but you can squeeze a lot of juice out of it. Price is little high considering its specs which aren’t high end, but can do a lots of work in hand. So if you are a fitness freak then you should go for it.

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