Looking for a perfect music set up for your upcoming pool party? Pool party is absolutely incomplete without music. Party music on the speaker turns your mood on for a refreshing pool party. Apart from pool party, a speaker is a must have device for every house.

We often have home parties or gatherings, where a speaker is needed for playing any kind of audio, like music or playing video or watching movie on a big screen. Anyways, pool party music system always demands for something handy and portable. So wireless speakers should be on top of the list if you are planning for a crazy pool party.

Wireless speakers are a great addition to any party; Image Source: DOSS

Wireless speakers are really hassle free and the set up process is the easiest. You do not have to think about the wires shortage or wire entangling if you have a wireless speaker. It is getting more popular over the classic speakers for small parties or personal use. Numerous companies are producing wireless speakers with many features.

DOSS Sound Box Touch; Image Source: DOSS

Speaking of wireless speakers, the name of DOSS company comes to the top list. For over 20 years, DOSS company has been so popular in the audio industry for their audio and music speakers. With the time being, this company produced innovative sound systems and audio speakers along with the updated technology.

Their products have received immense appreciation for excellent design and quality. They keeping pace with the modern technology, so they significantly focused on wireless audio speakers. Among them, the DOSS SoundBox Touch is one of their most popular wireless Bluetooth audio speaker.

Pricing at only 29 dollars, this audio speaker achieved a huge sales figure and profuse admiration by the users. So let’s find out the reasons for this speaker getting this fame—

DOSS Sound Box Touch; Image Source: JimsReviewRoom

The DOSS Touch has a really compact design so that you can easily put the speaker in your bag or backpack. The sleek design makes sure to take up very little space so that you can easily keep it at any place and transfer without any hassle. The top part has a sensitive touch button panel with a laser carving finish.

The touch panel has 5 separate navigators including a round laser ring in the middle. You can play, pause, go back to the previous audio or go to the next audio by these navigators. But the laser ring is used to adjust the volume of your music. You can increase the volume by rotating the ring clockwise, and decrease the volume by rotating the ring counter-clockwise.

Another plus point of this speaker is it comes in multiple colors like black, blue, white, pink, red, etc. So it easily matches your choice and style. Overall the design looks pretty elegant and functional.

This speaker comes in different colors to match your style; Image Source: DOSS

The most important feature of this wireless speaker is its sound quality. The DOSS Soundbox Touch has a 12-W high performance drivers which offers a 360 degree stereo sound with an enhanced bass. It features less than 1% harmonic distortion so that you get clear and substantial music. Despite having a compact design, this speaker can really deliver a remarkable audio experience.

Great sound quality and superior connectivity configuration gives a remarkable music experience; Image Source: DOSS

The speaker also offers superior connectivity configuration which gives a lag-free audio experience. The wireless speaker is configured with Bluetooth 4.0 technology which is compatible with every Bluetooth gadgets.

Besides, the speaker has a MicroSD slot for direct and hassle free music playing. The speaker automatically connects with the last connected device once it is turned on near the device. So, the speaker seems to be quite smart.

DOSS Sound Box Touch; Image Source: DOSS

Another plus point of this speaker is its battery life. The DOSS Soundbox Touch has a rechargeable 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery which is more than enough for even a long party because it can back up to 12 hours at 75% volume. That seems pretty impressive. Although the charging time could be a drawback because the speaker takes almost 3-4 hours for a full charge. But considering the backup time the battery life seems great.

The design of this speaker is indeed gorgeous; Image Source: DOSS

One thing that bothers us about this speaker is it has no self water-proof or water resistance feature. Though DOSS provides a waterproof protective sleeve with it, but it is still not enough for a pool party or outdoor parties. Nevertheless, you can have a good experience maintaining a proper caution.

The DOSS Sound Box Touch is overall great at this price range and configuration. Such a gorgeous looking speaker at only 29 dollars is indeed great for your budget. So it is certainly recommended for a wireless speaker in budget.

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