I have a watch, Is that a SmartWatch?- why talk about it? Ok, but do you have a smartwatch which measures your heart rate, counts step? If no then this article is for you. Here you are going to witness two smartwatches battling each other to procure the marketplace. One is the xiaomi mi band 3 and the other is honor band 4. Ok, then lets get started.

Battle of the smartwatch: mi band 3 vs honor band 4
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At first, you have to understand the difference between a simple watch & a smartwatch? The main difference is the smartwatch can provide you with lots of interactive data like step counter, deep sleep, alarm, call receiving, also to measure your heart rate, in any case, to stay fit which a normal wristwatch fails to provide….

Now why do you need a smartwatch?

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It is because you can monitor your health update and also take action according to it, though it may not be 100% accurate, yet it provides a lot of info about your health, what you need to do and what don’t-smartwatch might just tell you that. So in a sentence to stay fit, I think having a smartwatch with you is a better option. Now, let’s go back to our main topic: battle of the smartwatch. Currently above mentioned watches have gained much popularity and we are going to analyze them and at last pass a verdict.

The Xiaomi mi band 3 comes with a 128*80pixels resolution with a vibrant OLED display but only black white combination having a 0.78inch display, Whilst, on the contrary, the honor band 4 packs a colorful 0.95 inch OLED display with 2.5D curved glass on it. Both feature a capacitive touch screen display..but the display segment goes in favor of honor watch.

Now coming to the battery life, xiaomi mi band 3 packs a battery of 110mah capacity which takes around 1.5 hours to be fully charged while the honor band 4 packs subsequently battery capacity near to the mi band 3, 100mah. Mi band 3 gives a backup of 3-6days in terms of full usage, and without connecting to the phone by Bluetooth, it can last around 20days. But the honor band 4 gives a backup of 14 days.

Both claims that they measure the heartrate with around 90% accuracy, so you can keep a check on your heart…Honor band 4 is priced at 59.99 euro and the mi band 3 is priced at around 30 euro.

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Honor introduced a running edition of honor band 4 which is strapped on the shoe. It comes with P-OLED display, but unlike the regular version, this one is monochrome. It has a slightly smaller battery – 77 mAh but offers improved data like running detection like cadence, step length, ground contact, and foot strike pattern.

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Key Specifications of honor band 4:

  • Connected GPS
  • Heart rate monitor
  • 6-axis motion sensor
  • Up to 14 day battery life
  • Multi-sport tracking
  • Touchscreen
  • Colorful display

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Key specs of mi band 3:

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth version 4.2 BLE; NFC on some models,
  • Size: 46.9 x 17.9 x 12 mm,
  • Weight: 20 g,
  • Casing: plastic + alloy;
  • Sensors: acclerometer, optical heart rate monitor;
  • SoC: Dialog semiconductors 14681, clock rate 32 KHz up to 96 MHz
  • Waterproof: up to 50 metres, 5 atmosphere

Now the comes the verdict:

Display: Honor band 4

Battery life: mi band 3

Accuracy: honor band 4 -90% , mi band 3- 95%

Strap: honor band 4 looks cool

Pricing: mi band 3 cheaper

Design : honor band 4

OS: honor band 4 with its colors

Charging process easier: mi band 3

Look: honor band 4 for its stylish parts.

Versatility: honor band 3

Display on time: mi band 3

 Both has some exciting features like:

  • Messaging notification
  • Call receiving
  • Pedometer
  • Heartrate sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Cal burned
  • Distance covered
  • Alarm setting
  • Timer
  • Find device
  • Deep sleep cycle etc

The mi band 3 has to be connected to a app named MI FIT to connect the watch to the phone via bluetooth and the honor band 4 needs to be connected to HONOR band 4  app to access other features and track the history of your health upto a month..

To recharge the Band 4 you clip it into a little plastic dock, with two metal contacts that correspond to ones on the band’s back. You then plug in a microUSB cable. It’s a practical solution, but that little plastic dock is annoyingly easy to lose.

Charging process of honor band 4; Image source:

While the mi band needs to be strapped off, and the panel to be connected to a charging cable given in the box and precaution it can’t be connected to direct power line, u can charge it via laptop, that would be safer for the device.

Charging process of Mi band 3; Image source: Geekbuying

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