Wireless technology is now the most trendiest thing around the world. From wireless chargers to wireless earbuds, this technology has made our life more comfortable. From the 20th century, our technology was mainly focusing on making portable, smaller and innovative versions of every gadget like telephones or computers.

Invention of mobile phones or laptops or any other portable devices brought a great comfort and hassle free life for all of us.

The Apple AirPods; Image Source: Apple

There are almost every type of devices that have a wireless version. Invention of Bluetooth and Bluetooth devices was the base of todays wireless technology. One of the most popular and significant wireless technologies is wireless headphones or earphones.

These wireless earphones are mainly connected through Bluetooth. Usually two ear pieces are connected through a wire and a Bluetooth receiver. But how your wireless earphones having two separate earbuds and absolutely no wire? The wait is now over. Recently, Apple has introduced their first ever truly wireless earbuds. They have named it Apple Airpods.

This product was launched along with Apple iPhone 7 Plus as it had absolutely no earphone jack. Since it release, Apple Airpods have received immense popularity and appreciation. Let’s see what features are there in these earbuds-

The Apple AirPods Comes With Charger Box & Lightning Wire; Image Source:Marques Brownlee

The Apple Airpods (first generation) was released in December 13, 2016. Apple has not changed their classic earpiece design in this Bluetooth device. The earphones are not of an in-ear earphone type, there is no bud for mounting it to the ear.

The design has been quite criticized for no innovative looks and functionality. The Airpods come in only white color, so some users do not like the color and actually disappointed for not getting any black or grey colored Airpods.

Since the earphone does not have buds so there remains a risk for them of falling from ears and losing the Airpods. Each Airpod is only 0.14 ounces or 4 g in weight. So the Airpod is extremely lightweight so that you do not feel uncomfortable wearing the device. Overall, the design of the Apple Airpod is actually the resemblance of Apple’s classic earphones without any wire.

The Apple AirPods is run by W1 Chip; Image Source: Apple

The Apple Airpods is run by the custom Apple W1 chip, they use motion accelerometer and an optical sensor to detect whether they’re in your eyes. The W1 chip automatically connects to route the audio and engages the microphone, whether you are using both of your AirPods or just one of them.

An extra accelerometer works with microphones so that it reduces background noise and focus on the sound of your voice while you are on a call. Besides, Apple claims the chip to be extremely power saving yet functional. According to Apple, the Airpods are capable to deliver a whopping 5 hours of listening time on full charge.

Along with the Airpods box, a charging box comes with a lightning to USB cable. This charging box can hold additional charge for your Airpods to supply up to 24 hours of usage. The charging box is also quite fast charging, it can give your Airpods 3 hours of listening time with just 15 minutes charging time.

The Charger Box Is Capable Of Providing Quicker Charging; Image Source: Marques Brownlee

The main thing to focus on any earphone is its sound quality. The Apple Airpods is excellent in terms of sound and microphone quality. Rich and high quality audio makes your music time a lot smoother and enjoyable.

Besides it’s microphone has auto noise cancellation technology which gives it a chance to produce a superior quality audio and voice experience. Apple has tried to give the best sound quality with just a tiny device by theire several sensors. Each Airpod has dual beam forming microphone, dual optical sensors, motion detecting accelerometer and speech detecting accelerometer which give the device a greater experience.

On the other hand, Apple Airpods is quite easy to use. With One-tap setup for all your Apple devices and quick access to Siri with a double tap makes your life a lot easier. The Airpods are automatically turned on and automatically connected once you take it out of your box.

The Apple Airpods are compatible with almost most of the Apple devices and gadgets. However, there is no chance of using it on an android device. So Android fans are quite unfortunate to be deprived of this buds.

The Apple Airpods Is Compatible With Only iOS and Mac devices; Image Source: Marques Brownlee

Pricing at 159 dollars, the Airpods are quite expensive considering other Bluetooth earphones and headphones. The users have complained about this product to be overpriced and not worthy of 159 dollars.

However, Apple Airpods received a good marketing response and were able to sell a large number of Airpods units. Overall, The Apple Airpods is truly great and in future, the idea of this device will create a new generation of earphones and headphones. So, it can be called as the pioneer of earbuds.

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