Huami Amazfit Smartwatch Series is slaying the mid-range smartwatch industry. They have produced some remarkable smartwatches that created a huge hype for their smartwatches. Their popular and commercially successful smartwatches inspired them to produce more of their smartwatches. According to Huami, they have reportedly sold over one million units of their smartwatches in the first half of 2018 since they launched their smartwatches in late 2016. This is indeed a huge success as a new brand. Their promising features and exclusive price range helped them to reach such a huge sale figure within such a few time. Their smartwatches have become a potential threat for the high end smartwatch companies like Fitbit, Apple or Samsung. So apparently the competition is certainly tight in the smartwatch industry.

Amazfit Bip is one of the best-seller products of Huami; Image Source: Amazfit

One of the most successful and popular products of Huami Amazfit smartwatch series is Amazfit Bip. Being released in late 2016, the Amazfit Bip has been a desiring smartwatch within a low-range budget. Excellent performance and solid configuration helped it to be one of the best selling products of Huami. Their design, battery life, price range, features, every single thing was appreciated by the users. At only 79 dollars, the users had enjoyed the experience of a high end smartwatch. Therefore the next version of this series was a crying need for the users. But it took quite a long time to produce an updated and better successor of this product. Finally Huami announced the arrival of the successor of the Amazfit Bip in their summer launch ceremony held at June 11, 2019. Although Huami has not yet released the Amazfit Bip 2, there are a lot of rumors and speculations going on about the Amazfit Bip 2. But still its technical specification, configuration and price range are unknown. Therefore, it looks like the fans have to wait longer for it and for now they have to become satisfied with the Amazfit Bip only. the real question is if the Amazfit Bip is still good for 2019. It has been a long time since it was released, so there’s a chance for it to be outdated. Let’s look into the details of this smartwatch and find out the answer:

Amazfit Bip; Image Source: Amazfit

The first thing to notice about this gear is its design. Amazfit Bip has a simple and attractive design which makes a great first impression at a glance. Square watch case with multiple colorful straps make it look like a high end smartwatch. The watch is extremely lightweight and comfortable for your day long use. However, the build quality seems a bit disappointing because the watch case is made of polycarbonate and matte plastic, so the finishing is not up to the mark. Another important factor of the design quality is its water resistance function. Amazfit Bip has an IP68 certified water resistance capacity although this gear is not waterproof. So it is quite disheartening for you for not being able to use it during your swimming sessions. Other than that, the design quality is quite satisfactory as a mid-range smartwatch.

The display quality is quite disappointing comparing to other smartwatches; Image Source: TekNixHax

The display is not so impressive comparing to other smartwatches. It has a trans-reflective 1.28” LCD display with a resolution of 176 x 176, which is good at this price, but not something to die for. Although the Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 and 2.5D curved glass help to make a display a good one.

The battery configuration made a huge change in its sales scenerio; Image Source: TekNixHax

The best part of this smartwatch is its battery life. The battery life of Amazfit Bip is indeed surprising. 45 days of battery life in a smartwatch is simply unbelievable. But still this smartwatch has some drawbacks in its power configuration. The gear doesn’t support quick charging or wireless charging option. The charging time is another negative point, because 3 hours of charging time is quite disappointing and annoying. But considering the whopping battery performance, the power configuration seems pretty good.

Amazfit Bip; Image Source: TekNixHax

Just like other smartwatches, this smartwatch also focuses on various fitness features and organizers. From notification checking to fitness tracking, this smartwatch has all the basic smartwatch features. But this smartwatch doesn’t have any heart rate sensor or any innovative smart feature to impress. Another drawback of the basic feature is it has no loudspeaker or microphone. So you can not be 100% satisfied with its smart features but if you consider the price, it is not too bad since it has all the basic functions.

Its specifications are confined to only basic features; Image Source: TekNixHax

Overall, we think that this smartwatch is pretty good at only 79 dollars. Despite some drawbacks, this smartwatch can fulfill your basic needs. But in our opinion this smartwatch is way outdated as per 2019, where you can find other exclusive fitness trackers like Mi Smart Band 4. But if you like the looks and battery life, you can give this smartwatch a try. Otherwise, the best option for you is to wait for Amazfit Bip 2 or other fitness trackers in this budget.

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