Amazfit Bip: Trend setter

Meanwhile xiaomi has stepped into the hut of smartwatch. Coming out quite heavily and equiped with the latest cutting edge technology, they have put up as a strong contender in the smartwatch battle.Here in this article we are going to analyse about the AMAZFIT BIP Smartwatch and how well it has faired in the market.

Amazfit bip in different straps; Image source: cnet

Frankly speaking, xiaomi has quietly brought a midrange trendsetter which can easily satisfy the glamour and enthusiasm of mastering a smartwatch and that too of 75-79$, which is much cheaper than the other watches in the market but its quality is inferior to none. Surely xiaomi has done a very good job here to bring a smartwatch for the mid-ranger to satisfy the hunger of wearing a smartwatch in the wrist and moving around smartly. In a sentence, Revolutionary change.

After checking out the amazfit bip, one thing came into my mind why the other smartwatches can’t be more like amazfit bip? It is such a deal breaker and its quality to money ratio wouldn’t disappoint you at all, The best watch in the budget one can get.

Display of amazfit bip; Image source: cnet

To mention its origin

It is made by Huami, a company that also makes all of Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi’s wearable devices, it is so simple basic easier to use day by day, it has gained so much popularity due to its simplicity always on display, quite a bit of accuracy while measurement and a quite crisp display.

Amazfit bip on the wrist; Image source: .

Now speaking of the display:

Aforementioned it has an always-on display, which is easy to read it in direct sunlight. It is trans-reflective LCD display (where the more light falls on the display, the brighter the display gets) with a display size of 1.28 inch with capacitive touch screen and its resolution is about 176*176 pixels and the display is protected by Corning Gorilla glass 3 and 2.5D curved glass.

It has an IP68 rating which isn’t swimming friendly but can withstand some serious water splashing. Also, it is quite light and easier to move wearing it in hand, unlike other smartwatches.

Full view; Image source:

The body

of the watch is polycarbonate built and matte plastic which is why it is so lighter to use. It kinda looks cheaper in the looks but the specs are awesome enough to tilt the vote in its favour and has a premium feel. Its build quality is cheap if you ponder over the smartwatch build quality otherwise it is a very good deal breaker.

Synchronization with the app

It has to be paired with the mi fit app to keep a record of your tracking, cycling, and other fitness updates..The app also provides you with your phone’s notification and you can stay alert. But alas you can’t respond to notifications, like replying to txt and answering the calls which you can in higher end smartwatches.

That’s where amazfit bip falls behind. It runs on it’s a proprietary operating system in association with the mi fit app not on wearable OS so its notifications aren’t actionable.

Paired up with phone; Image source:

Specifications & alerts

Nearly every specs of a smartwatch is provided by amazfit no hassle here. The heartrate, GPS, pedometer, barometer, etc provide quite an accurate result when tested for a few times repeatedly. It can also track up the deep cycle light cycle sleep.  It is devoid of an app store and has a few selective apps compatible with this device. Everything was quite accurate so it is a go for money.

As it doesn’t have a loudspeaker, so you can’t receive a call and speak through it. Also, it doesn’t have an e-sim like Apple. By the way, it supports:
accelerometer, gyroscope, geometric sensor, light sensor.

Notification; Image source:


How good it has done here?
the amazfit bip has a house of 190mah li-po battery which can last about 45 days in regular use at a stretch.
can you imagine that? a 1.5 months battery backup was the main reason behind its hot cake like selling. For a moment just think that you don’t have to connect it to the charger for about 45 days and how peaceful is that.

But if you use the GPS and heart rate monitoring quite extensively the backup time will drop down to several weeks. even you charge it out, the charging process is very easy and can easily  get your device fully powered up again. with extensive usage, the battery may back you up for 10 days at least.

Charging process; Image source:

Watch getting charged; Image source:

Some specs in a nutshell

processor mediatek
Internal memory More than 128MB
Sim No
Bluetooth 4.0
wifi yes
NFC no
watchface customizable
Speaker, loudspeaker,
Voice command, PA no
Barometer yes
Haptic feedback no
Smartphone compatibility Android 4.4+, IOS 8.0+

                                           “”The Amazfit Bip is the spiritual successor to the Pebble.””

Various colors of amazfit bip
Image source:

Now summary of the total article:
great battery
always on display
colorful and crisp display
quite accuracy in  tracking the cycling heartrate sensor weather and pedometer
lighter to use
cheaper, costs only 80$
oleophobic coating
use of transreflective display

cheap build quality
notifications not actionable
no app store
no loudspeaker,microphone
24hours watch face
long charging time 3 hours

Various watch face
Image source:

Article source:

Samsung Gear S3 frontier: contender to apple watch 3,4

A smartwatch by samsung to counter the event set by apple watch series 3, 4. Pretty much durable and stylish one, that can enchant you for a while. They say –

“Samsung tried to squeeze a lot into the new Gear S3 Frontier, from an LTE radio to automatic fitness tracking to a form of Samsung Pay that works almost anywhere.”

Samsung s3 frontier; Image source:

It is more like a heavy one rather than lightweight like other lightweight smartwatches.  weighing just 63 gm, it is a very strong contender for the Apple series, because of its money worthiness. But it will seem pretty much heavy to your hand because of its compact design and materials.

Look of s3 frontier; Image source:

Dimensions is 49*46*12.9mm which indicates that the watch is quite bulky one. One has to appreciate decisions by Samsung to maintain its build quality which means it is a solid watch by being built with stainless steel 316L grade. Screen to Body ratio isn’t so bad -48.1%.

It is powered by Tizen based wearable platform 4.0 packing 768MB of RAM & the chip is Samsung’s own built processor EXYNOS-7270, which is much impressive one. The display is about 1.3″ with AMOLED DISPLAY with a resolution of 360*360 pixels and pixel density 278PPi for such a small display, which is vibrant enough in outdoor and direct sunlight, so no issue regarding that. It is also powered by a powerful CPU clocking at a speed of 1.0GHz  dual-core which means it can address 10^6 instructions at a time.

The display is protected by corning gorilla glass which is now extensively used in smartphone industry. The exciting part is that it has always on display feature and rotating bezel which means that you can rotate the bezel according to your apps likings and needs. A customer choice granted here.

Internal storage

It has 4 GB of internal storage and RAM is 768MB which is enough to operate a smartwatch smoothly but not the best yet to be compared with apple watch series 4 because that has 16GB of internal storage. No SD card can be inserted in it because it lacks the expandable Storage option. In our opinion that is not needed so desperately here. One can do without that easily.


Here it rules the roost cause it has massive Li-ion battery capacity of 380mah which gives one 3days of usage at a stretch and that is quite impressive to us. Now the charging,  the annoying part is addressed. It supports wireless charging, so that is a very good step taken by Samsung to reduce the stress of charging the s3 frontier watch, bringing peace to the users. So one will not face any issue to recharge it.


Speaking via s3 frontier; Image source:

WLAN, BLUETOOTH, GPS, NFC, etc are there but alas it doesn’t have the 3.5mm earphone jack so you are deprived of something so needful at the stage of development. Hope that Samsung Will add it up to its higher version meanwhile we are happy with it. SAMSUNG s3 frontier gives you access to several apps just by rotating the watch bezel.

Scrolling through bezel; Image source:

LIKE every-other smartwatch it also supports Accelerometer, loudspeaker,  gyro, heart rate and barometer, etc which is so much useful for a user. It has loudspeaker so now you can speak through your watch while being connected to a call. Also address your call being in your watch display, a much-needed feature for a smartwatch user.

Apps drawer; Image source:

The maximum smartwatch doesn’t support accelerometer and barometer, so Samsung has done a great job here to pack both of them in s3 gear frontier. Like Apple, it also supports S-voice natural language commands and dictation by Samsung’s own generated AI which is good news for Samsung smartwatch users.

Full view of s3 frontier; Image source: phoneshop.BD

But unlike apple E-SIM, no sim slot is there to insert a sim for cellular connectivity,  that is such a major drawbacks for samsung to compete with apple watch series. But it supports samsung pay with which you can pay at various places via your s3 smartwatch reducing some stress here.

The deal breaker is that it is fully water resistant as it is certified IP 68 dust/water resistant, Can stay alive in below 1.5m of water for half an hour without any fuss.

Samsung pay; Image source:

 Analysis and Review

Design: compact but stylish

Weight: Seems heavy

Accuracy: Quite good

Display: super

Build quality: Demands appreciation

Charge backup: good for day to day usage

Storage capacity: enough to pass a day

Portability: easy

Durability: strong enough to sustain few bumps.

Pricing: 21990 rupees, via

            29000tk in bangladesh


  • Still has the best smartwatch interface
  • Excellent performance
  • Respectable battery life
  • AMOLED display is bright and crisp
  • Build quality super strong


  • Not many good Tizen apps
  • Automatic exercise tracking can be weird
  • Will be too big for some
  • Pricing is placed a bit higher than features

Fossil sports smartwatch: Powered By GOOGLE

A google powered OS smartwatch Fossil sport smartwatch” which features a quite bold look and price in the market of smart watch segment. A mid ranger smartwatch which packs almost everything to keep you updated to your health.

It is mainly portrayed for the runners but as a normal person, you would get full feel of it if you are ready to pay  $275 for it. It is not equipped with high end features but it will cover a lot.

FOSSIL SPORT ; Image source: Engadget

Google and Fossil both signed MoU of $40M to develop  smartwatches which will have access to google’s products and updates which will make it more easier to operate.

So it is powered by Wear OS of google and to be exotic that it is compatible with both android and IOS. To mention that wear OS is a trademark of google LLC. To pair this with smartphone, one has to have a android OS 4.4+ or IOS 9.3+. It is gonna be a premium watch for you if you prefer brand name above specs.

Display look; Image source: Gadgetsboy

Design and Display

There are 2 buttons above and below keeping a dial in centre. The centre dial is programmed by Google and others are for Fossil’s own works. You can also reprogram the button to do other works if you find the current activities odd. The buttons are quite strong to function which ensures that you wouldn’t set it on accidentally.

It has 1.19″ in OLED display with 390*390 resolution which is bright enough for you to observe and enjoy. Bright but not the brightest. It might be little hard to understand the readings in direct sunlight. There are two cases: one is 41mm and the other is 43 mm with straps available of 18/22mm depending on user choice.

The total body is aluminium build so it feels light to the hand and straps are not prone to sweating as it is silicon built. The watch is water resistant upto 5ATM and totally swimproof.


It comes with internal storage of 4GB and 512 RAM,  supported by Qualcomm snapdragon  Wear 3100. It supports accelerometer, altimeter, heart rate monitor,sensor, microphone, NFC, fast GPS, gyroscope, ambient light sensor etc. Both wifi and bluetooth can be accessed by it.

No notifications can go unnoticed while you have your fossil paired to your device. It stays connected to your smartphone Via Bluetooth Technology. Whenever notification arrives a gentle buzz tells you to attend it.

Apps ; Image source: The verge

It supports google pay so you don’t have to worry if you leave your moneybag at home,feel free to shop. Fossil is there to give you backup against all sorts of payment problems using googla pay because it sports NFC.

Image source: Reddit

It is more suitable for android than on ios.


It is one of the best fitness tracker of current generation because of its lightweight, long battery backup and nearly perfect sensors. Both built in heart rate monitor and GPS will provide you untethered support with great accuracy. Only dent is that it takes  quite long time to load the GPS.

You can have any app fitness app downloaded from google play store and enjoy seemless features.  But careful, don’t load it fully.So if you are looking for a watch for fitness, the fossil sport stands alone to give the most satisfactory result better than others due to its build and qualities.

Heart rate monitor; Image source: android authority

Image source: android authority


Most of the people knows that a LCD display consumes more power than a OLED/AMOLED display because of it’s color reproduction.

In that way, fossil is way more better to give a backup upto 2 days with extensive usage due to its OLED display. If you want you can activate the always on display but that would drain the battery fast. I suggest you keep it off unless required to save some power for critical times.

GPS on fossil sport; Image source:

For charging, it needs only 1 hr to charge it upto 80% with rapid fire charging, so you don’t have to let it go off for a long time.

The battery capacity is somewhere around 400-500mah,  30mins of inactivity can cause it go into sleep mode. For charging it has magnetic charging which is rather very fast.

Wear os by google; Image source:

So fossil and wear OS is on move again to shake the market.

Price: $275

It might not be the best but you can squeeze a lot of juice out of it. Price is little high considering its specs which aren’t high end, but can do a lots of work in hand. So if you are a fitness freak then you should go for it.

Comparison between Honor band 4 and Mi band 3: Battle of smart band

I have a watch, Is that a SmartWatch?- why talk about it? Ok, but do you have a smartwatch which measures your heart rate, counts step? If no then this article is for you. Here you are going to witness two smartwatches battling each other to procure the marketplace. One is the xiaomi mi band 3 and the other is honor band 4. Ok, then lets get started.

Battle of the smartwatch: mi band 3 vs honor band 4
Image source:

At first, you have to understand the difference between a simple watch & a smartwatch? The main difference is the smartwatch can provide you with lots of interactive data like step counter, deep sleep, alarm, call receiving, also to measure your heart rate, in any case, to stay fit which a normal wristwatch fails to provide….

Now why do you need a smartwatch?

Honor band 4; Image source:

It is because you can monitor your health update and also take action according to it, though it may not be 100% accurate, yet it provides a lot of info about your health, what you need to do and what don’t-smartwatch might just tell you that. So in a sentence to stay fit, I think having a smartwatch with you is a better option. Now, let’s go back to our main topic: battle of the smartwatch. Currently above mentioned watches have gained much popularity and we are going to analyze them and at last pass a verdict.

The Xiaomi mi band 3 comes with a 128*80pixels resolution with a vibrant OLED display but only black white combination having a 0.78inch display, Whilst, on the contrary, the honor band 4 packs a colorful 0.95 inch OLED display with 2.5D curved glass on it. Both feature a capacitive touch screen display..but the display segment goes in favor of honor watch.

Now coming to the battery life, xiaomi mi band 3 packs a battery of 110mah capacity which takes around 1.5 hours to be fully charged while the honor band 4 packs subsequently battery capacity near to the mi band 3, 100mah. Mi band 3 gives a backup of 3-6days in terms of full usage, and without connecting to the phone by Bluetooth, it can last around 20days. But the honor band 4 gives a backup of 14 days.

Both claims that they measure the heartrate with around 90% accuracy, so you can keep a check on your heart…Honor band 4 is priced at 59.99 euro and the mi band 3 is priced at around 30 euro.

Mi band 3; Image source:

Honor introduced a running edition of honor band 4 which is strapped on the shoe. It comes with P-OLED display, but unlike the regular version, this one is monochrome. It has a slightly smaller battery – 77 mAh but offers improved data like running detection like cadence, step length, ground contact, and foot strike pattern.

Distance covered in honor band 4; Image source:
Trusted Reviews

Key Specifications of honor band 4:

  • Connected GPS
  • Heart rate monitor
  • 6-axis motion sensor
  • Up to 14 day battery life
  • Multi-sport tracking
  • Touchscreen
  • Colorful display

Specs; Image source: DHgate

Key specs of mi band 3:

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth version 4.2 BLE; NFC on some models,
  • Size: 46.9 x 17.9 x 12 mm,
  • Weight: 20 g,
  • Casing: plastic + alloy;
  • Sensors: acclerometer, optical heart rate monitor;
  • SoC: Dialog semiconductors 14681, clock rate 32 KHz up to 96 MHz
  • Waterproof: up to 50 metres, 5 atmosphere

Now the comes the verdict:

Display: Honor band 4

Battery life: mi band 3

Accuracy: honor band 4 -90% , mi band 3- 95%

Strap: honor band 4 looks cool

Pricing: mi band 3 cheaper

Design : honor band 4

OS: honor band 4 with its colors

Charging process easier: mi band 3

Look: honor band 4 for its stylish parts.

Versatility: honor band 3

Display on time: mi band 3

 Both has some exciting features like:

  • Messaging notification
  • Call receiving
  • Pedometer
  • Heartrate sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Cal burned
  • Distance covered
  • Alarm setting
  • Timer
  • Find device
  • Deep sleep cycle etc

The mi band 3 has to be connected to a app named MI FIT to connect the watch to the phone via bluetooth and the honor band 4 needs to be connected to HONOR band 4  app to access other features and track the history of your health upto a month..

To recharge the Band 4 you clip it into a little plastic dock, with two metal contacts that correspond to ones on the band’s back. You then plug in a microUSB cable. It’s a practical solution, but that little plastic dock is annoyingly easy to lose.

Charging process of honor band 4; Image source:

While the mi band needs to be strapped off, and the panel to be connected to a charging cable given in the box and precaution it can’t be connected to direct power line, u can charge it via laptop, that would be safer for the device.

Charging process of Mi band 3; Image source: Geekbuying


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: The Game Changer

Samsung continues acing the smartwatch industry with another creation. After releasing Samsung Galaxy Watch in August 2018, they released a basic version of this galaxy watch called Samsung Galaxy Watch Active in February this year. Samsung Galaxy Watch was a success in terms of sales and user reviews.

Their Tizen based operating system has been immensely praised for its user-friendly interface. Such positive reviews and an excellent sales figure was still not enough to catch up with the success of Apple Watch since they were still holding the top position. So a less costly but equally efficient version of Samsung Galaxy Watch was needed to compete with Apple’s newly launched Watch Series 4 for higher sales. So they launched an updated version of this watch along with Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy Bud in February this year. Fashionable sporty design with great features has already made this watch a fan favorite.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active;

Image source: Engadget

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is a lightweight, basic version starting from only 170 US dollars. This smartwatch is smaller in size than the Galaxy Watch, only 1.1” or 28-millimeter display and only 25 grams body weight. The watch is shaped perfectly circular with only 10.5-millimeter thickness.

The case is made of aluminum containing two navigation buttons and a display. The display is a circular Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 360 x 360. The display is colorful and bright. The display is guarded by Corning® Gorilla® Glass which makes it more durable. The watch also has a full color Always On Display feature, which makes it looks pretty fancy. The case does not contain rotating bezel, so it mainly relies on touch functions. The case is certified IP68 water and dust resistant under 50-meter water for 30 minutes.

So it is great for swimming and rains. Various colors of straps are available like black, silver, rose gold, and green which gives it a vibrant look. Overall the watch looks fashionable and sporty and most importantly, simple.

Simple, sporty looking watch comes with various color options; Image source: Samsung

This watch runs by Tizen Operating System version 4.0, which is indeed a complete operating system for a smartwatch. This operating system has been widely praised for its user-friendly interface. The watch has 4GB internal memory and 768MB RAM. An Exynos 9110 1.15 GHz processor makes this watch super fast and efficient.

Multiple sensors such as, Accelerometer, Barometer, Gyro Sensor, HR Sensor, and Light Sensor allow you to perform different functions. It has various connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, etc. So it can very swiftly fetch data from your mobile.

Water resistance and Corning Gorilla Glass give it a solid and intact finishing;

Image source: Samsung

This watch comes with excellent features and health supports. Its daily activity feature helps you to achieve your goal soon. Integrated with the Samsung Health app, it works like your personal health trainer. With more than six types of exercise modes and auto-detection of workout, it is certainly great for fitness training. But other smartwatches offer more health options and more exercise modes although it seems enough for this price range.

It also has a heart rate sensor which can detect your stress level by making a graph of your heart rate activity. It has a stress reliever feature which guides you to breathe in and breathe out to reduce your stress level. Overall it is a great fitness trainer company for you in this price range.

It guides you to stay fit just like your personal fitness trainer; Image source: Engadget

It helps you reduce your stress; Image source: Samsung

The best part about this watch is, it doesn’t focus only on health features like other smartwatches. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active lets you connect with more entertaining and motivational apps. Musical apps like Spotify keep you motivated. You can also check your notifications from various apps. You can set alarms, get notified on your events, set a workout schedule all by one single watch. It is indeed a perfect example of what a smartwatch can do.

This smartwatch is your best companion for entertainment and personal assistance;

Image source: Engadget

Another great feature of this watch is its battery life and wireless charging. This watch has a 230mAh battery which can back you up for more than 45 hours. This watch is one of the few watches with a wireless charging feature. You can charge up your device with a wireless power sharer and get ready to go within no time.

This smartwatch supports wireless charging which never lets you go out of charge; Image source: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is indeed a great watch. Exclusive features but a lower price will definitely dominate the smartwatch market. This could be your smartwatch if you’re finding something extraordinary in the budget. Some features may not be as elaborate as that is in other high-end smartwatches but it is certainly the one for you if you want the best in the budget.

Fitbit Versa: Fitness Trainer In Your Hand

Fitbit has been in the market for quite some time. They have been popular among the people for their exclusive health features and stylish designs. Their latest product named Fitbit Versa has been released on April 16th this year. They released three versions of this model – Fitbit Versa Lite Edition, Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Versa Special Edition. All of them come with exclusive features and great capability.

The Fitbit Versa; Image source: Fitbit

The Fitbit Versa comes in various color choices with different material options. The light geometric case is made by aluminum with various color choices like charcoal, black, silver, marina blue, mulberry, etc. The belts have different material options like stainless steel links, leather belt and classic rubber bands with various color options.

Lightweight material with a slim design really makes it look elegant. The case is 39 mm wide with only 11.2 mm of depth making it one of the slimmest smartwatches. The design is casual and comfortable enough for wearing it all the time. The case contains 3 navigation buttons in Versa and Versa special edition and 1 navigation button in Versa lite edition.

Fitbit versa comes with various color choices with different material options; Image source: Engadget

The case contains a touchscreen color LCD display with a Lithium-polymer battery. All three versions of Fitbit Versa have a battery life of at least 4 days. They provide a charger cable with the gadget which takes about two hours to complete 100% charging. The case is water resistant. All three versions of Fitbit Versa are water resistant up to 50 meters. This makes this gadget usable in nearly all kind of adventures like swimming.

The Fitbit Versa is run by Fitbit version 2.0 operating system, which is made clean and simplified to be user-friendly. Besides it has a built in memory that is capable of saving 7 days of detailed motion data, daily totals for the last 30 days and heart rate data. It connects through both WiFi (not included in Versa lite edition) and Bluetooth version 4.0.

So it is pretty fast with synchronizing data and updating. It can easily sync with iOS, Android and Windows devices wirelessly. It can connect with a device within a whopping 6.1-meter range.

Fitbit Versa; Image source: Fitbit

The Fitbit Versa focuses on numerous health features and excellent performance. The high resolution color touch screen provides customizable clock faces so that you can choose a clock face fitting your personality.

You can get personalized on-screen workouts that will play on your watch, and guide you through each move and adapt based on your feedback. It has over 15 exercise modes that offer you to choose your favorite style of exercise. It can track specific workouts in modes like run, bike or weights to see real-time statistics on screen and get post-workout summaries.

It has a smart track feature which can automatically record your selected exercises like running, biking or swimming and save in the Fitbit app. It also can track your sleep and sleeping stages and see your time spent in light, deep and REM sleep stages. It can also stay on track towards your goals by reminding you to stay active, time to drink water or help you to follow your sleep schedule.

It also tracks down your pace and distance by connecting to your phone’s GPS and providing a map of your route in the Fitbit app. Overall it keeps track on your all-day activity by tracking steps, distance, floors climbed, calories burnt in active minutes and hours.

Fitbit Versa helps in your workout like a trainer; Image source: Engadget

The Fitbit Versa also promotes better cardiac health and increased breathing capability. The Fitbit Versa can track your heart rate during exercise and resting time and compare them to discover your cardio fitness level.

It helps in increasing breathing capability by helping you perform breathing exercise. This smartwatch also promotes female health. It can keep track of your period and ovulation phase, record symptoms and compare your cycle against other health stats like sleep, activity and weight.

It also let you access your favorite apps for fitness, sports, news, travel, transport and more with a simple tap. And also this smartwatch let you see your call, text or calendar notifications on screen. Also it allows push notifications from your favorite apps when your phone is nearby.

The Fitbit Versa indeed brings a change to our lifestyle, it can improve our health status and act as a personal fitness trainer for your health. Besides it work like your personal assistant by its smart features and apps. So this smartwatch has indeed brought your fitness trainer in your hand.

Apple Watch Series 4: Your Best Partner

Apple is now everywhere. They are setting a bar of innovation in their all gadgets. From smartwatches to laptops, they indeed are matchless in innovation. Every time they release a gadget and takes all the attention of the gadget lovers towards them. They have been truly unstoppable in the market.

They have created a major impact in the smartwatch world also. Their first Apple smartwatch which was released in 2015 changed the definition of a smartwatch. After that, they have been a major competitor in the smartwatch market. The latest version of Apple smartwatch has been no exception.

Apple Watch Series 4; Image source: Apple

The Apple Watch Series 4 was released on September 21, 2018. It was released along with the iPhone XS series. Stylish design and incredible features in this watch have already created a hype among the smartwatch lover. Apple has added more health features in this watch so it’s kind of like a health band.

Moreover, they have now more options in color and designs like white, pink, black, silver seashell, pink sand, gold bands and loops. The case is made of stainless steel and aluminum so there is a solid finishing in making. So it’s equally exotic and efficient.

The Apple Watch Series 4 comes with more colors; Image source: Marques Brownlee

The Apple Watch Series 4 has now a greater display of 44 mm, and it’s only 10.7mm thin. So it’s lighter than before. The case contains a brighter LTPO OLED Retina display with force touch which provides a more vivid and colorful display. The smartwatch contains an S4 system with 64-bit dual-core processor which is up to 2x faster than Apple watch series 3 and W3 wireless chip.

This smartwatch has cellular sim support in some models along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 providing super-fast connectivity. Also, it has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can provide up to 18 hours of service.

The Apple Watch Series 4 features a more vibrant and brighter display; Image source: Marques Brownlee

But the reason this smartwatch stole the show is it’s unique and innovative features. The Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a better GPS sensor which can give accurate reading and Barometric Altimeter for measuring the altitude from sea level. It comes with a water resistant feature which can persist up to whopping 50 meters under the water.

The speaker is 50 percent louder than before and also presents microphone. The watch has an internal memory of 16GB which provides a great back up.

Besides all these exclusive features, Apple Watch Series 4 also presents more health benefits. It has a proactive health monitor for your regular health checkups. This smartwatch exclusively features an ECG monitor which can detect your ECG and gives updates on your heart condition.

The watch has a digital crown electrode that reads your electrical heart impulses when you place your fingertip for 30 seconds. The whole thing is generated by an ECG app in which we can see our ECG similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram. This app can save your ECG history to help your doctor for better treatment.

The Apple Watch Series 4 can detect your ECG; Image source: Apple

The smartwatch also has a heart rate sensor which can perfectly measure your heart rate and even it can notify your unusually high or low heart rates or irregular heart rhythms by heart rate app. With advanced accelerometer and gyroscope, the smartwatch can detect if you suddenly fall and delivers a hard fall alert and you can easily make an emergency call or dismiss the alert.

But if unresponsive for more than 60 seconds, there will be an automatic emergency call by the Emergency SOS feature. It also has breathe app to help you take a few calming breaths. It also helps in your workouts. This watch has a special feature for keeping track of your menstrual cycle to build better habits. It has an automatic workout detection for yoga and hiking workouts.

This watch is just like a personal trainer; Image Source:

It kind of plays a role like your personal trainer by keeping track of your favorite ways to train. It also notifies your pace updates so that you can alter it to reduce injuries. It also keeps track of your burnt calories. You can also share your activities with your friends and family members for greater motivation.

The Apple watch series 4 has created a new dimension of innovation. With such features and such health benefits, it’s completely worth to give it a go. The health features can help to reduce the hassle of regular health checkups. So you can certainly call it your health partner.

Zeblaze Thor 4 pro: Camera Smartwatch

First of all let’s introduce the brand to all: Zeblaze is a Chinese brand founded in 2014 and has expertise in manufacturing quality smartwatches at competitive prices. Within just 5 years the company is giving tough competition to smartwatch industry giants. Its users are in almost 100 countries of the world and they have smartwatches for all budgets. Many of its smartwatches like Zeblaze thor 4, thor 4 pro Zeblaze Vibe and Zeblaze Crystal became bestsellers and are still in demand

zeblaze thor 4 pro
Image Source:

Zeblaze has launched one more sporty smartwatch called Zeblaze Thor 5, it mainly focuses on healthcare but at the same time, it provides you a fully functional smartphone on your wrist. It changes the way how people connect to the internet and each other by means of smart wearable technology .

The chinese brand has smartwatches for every budget for every one without any compromise on quality. They are serving quality goods at quality price which makes them a popular watch company in the world.

After its huge response and sell of zeblaze thor 4, zeblaze has brought another as its successor named “Zeblaze Thor 4 pro” which has swept the market with its specs and its budget friendly attitude. It is a high end smartwatch phone and costs much lesser than other high end wearables in the market like apple watch 3,4, samsung gear s3 frontier, huawei watch GT etc. Lets get some key specs about it:

Feature Specification
Smartwatch Type Smartwatch Phone
Display AMOLED
Screen Size 1.6 inch
Camera 5MP
Hardware MT6739 1.25GHz
Software Android 7.1
Battery 600 mAh
Strap Type Italian leather
Calling Support Yes
Loudspeaker, Micorphone yes

No other smartwatch has provided camera with it before zeblaze thor 4 pro. This has taken the watch very higher level with the implementation of camera 5MP in it.

Display and overall look
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Design & Display

Design looks quite sleek and stylish while posing a sporty look. Comes with a 1.6 inch round display of AMOLED TPS CRYSTAL DISPLAY  protected by corning gorilla glass 3 and the rear case has carbon coating on it. The resolution is 320*320 pixels with energy saving mood in it. Pixel density is another strong point of it and it stands at 283 ppi proving that the view is quite satisfying and vibrant. There are 2 big buttons beside it to operate it more conveniently alongside the camera.  It is not too hefty for hand because it weights just 76gm with a dimension of 46.7*46.7*15.7 mm.
It supports multi touch and the casing is a zinc alloy based case which gives a protection while falling and accidental drops .


The performance provided by zeblaze thor 4 pro is quite strongly hold and it is powered by MEDIATEK MT6739 chipset and quadcore with a clock speed of 1.25 GHz. It is efficient than its predecessor zeblaze thor 4. 1 GB RAM and has a internal storage of 16 gm similar to apple watch 4, so you can store photos,songs, videos etc without any worry. Moreover it runs on Android 7.1 which is latest one. Also you can pair it with IOS and of course android. No SD card slot available there.

charming design
Image Source: xiaomi


It has a nano sim slot which gives you the benefit to use it as a smartphone just the display is bit small. Supports 2G, 3G, 4G for better network everywhere. Like every other watches it has built in GPS, Bluetooth to pair up with the smartphones and lets you relax even when you don’t have the phone beside you. Moreover you can have connectivity with the watches through a app pairing between watch and the smartphone and relax and chill to receive all the notifications in your wrist.

Call receiving
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Camera is a part that separates it’s from other smartwatches. It is a standalone camera smartwatch with great build quality in the market trending now. It has 5MP camera to capture high resolution photos also to video call, records videos and click images in emergency situations.
It successor zeblaze thor 5  houses a camera of 8MP which is latest edition.

As a fitness tracker

It serves it duties very smartly as a fitness tracker cause it houses all the sensor needed to keep you fit. It has pedometer,heart rate sensor, sleep monitor etc to provide you all the details you need to keep you in sound health and sound mind. It works like your Personal Doctor.

Battery backup

It’s battery capacity has been raised to 600mah Li-Po  from 580mah in its predecessor zeblaze thor 4.
It is enough to give you backup for 1.5 days without any worries. It is one of the massive battery in current generation smartwatches. so it’s gonna give you a bumpy ride along your usage. You don’t have to face any problems to charge it because it supports magnetic charging and cable is in the box.

magnetic charging process; Image Source:

Video Calling; Image Source :


suports Audio MP3/MP4, has a speaker and microphone to share conversation through your watch.
Google play,clock faces, Remote camera,music Voice search supports,weather forcast, message notifications, pedometer, bluetooth calling,bluetooth search phone etc all are provided by it. So no worries even if you don’t have your phone with you in specified area. It supports wifi 802.11b/g/n and bluetooth 4.0 but no NFC, RADIO & USB.

Nonetheless having some drawback like no IP rating and a bit old style, it emerges as a victorious smartwatch with other eye-catching specs putting it in top notch smartwatch.
So the verdict is a go for BDT8000 OR around 100$

Huawei Watch: GT

Recently  Huawei released a smartwatch named HUAWEI Watch GT, with a kinda sporting look. Now Huawei is passing some tough times, but their watches are passing although good time with ever-increasing popularity and fanbase.

Display of Huawei watch GT; Image source:

It is one of their best selling products of 2018-19. It recently got two edition : one is active and the other is elegant edition.  It is more like a traditional watch than like a smartwatch. It is now available in Bangladesh in smartphone and smartgadget shops.

Display and Design

Image source: Huawei.consumer.Com

It has full color OLED touchscreen display of 1.39 inches with 57.9% screen to body ratio, enough for a watch display to produce vibrant & crisp looks. It is 10.6mm thick and weighs just about 46gm, so light-weight.

Resolution is 454*454 pixels which is quite high as a smartwatch and PPI is 326. Also it is water proof up to 50meters. Build quality is pretty much solid one with stainless steel frame and ceramic back part. Gives much durability if you are a sports person. Feels quite much premium in hands.

There are 2 buttons as power and function button helps you to navigate the watch when you aren’t using the touchscreen itself.  Wrist coverage range is 14~21cm. Straps are silicon made so free from sweating and doesn’t feel too laggy.

Specs view; Image source:


It runs on huawei’s own wearable platform, “lightOS “ and is fast sensitive to responses. It lacks expandable SD card slot and has 128MB internal storage with 16MB RAM which looks so poor in eyes. They should have increased the numbers. Even if they kept the numbers, they should have opted to allow the use of SD card to avoid the storage problem.

You can’t load it up with music, photos as it has tiny space just to operate the watch fluently. System requirement is Android 4.4 or later and for IOS is IOS 9.0 or later. Yes it is compatible with iphone and all Android phones. Cheers. The main limitation is app support. You can’t install any random app to enjoy it because of the low memory. As there is no Wear OS, so app support gets limited there.


Steps counter; Image source:

No camera, No loudspeaker, No microphone, No 3.5mm headphone jack -so much disappointment in a box. what were they thinking while  making it??

It doesn’t support wifi but has bluetooth 4.2. No USB, RADIO available on it. Supports GPS. You have to connect it to your phone via bluetooth by pairing it with the app installed on your phone to enjoy seemless features.

Sensors like accelerometer,  gyro, magnetometer, ambient light sensor,  heart-rate, barometer, compass, etc are there on it which is good to see. After being paired up with your smartphone- you can receive all of your notifications from message, email whatsapp, fb,  calender, etc on it and it is synced very nicely to keep update. No sim slot is there, that’s so sad. You can’t receive the call and speak via your watch.

Huawei Truseen 3.0 monitors the heartrate. It also supports 3 satellite positioning systems(GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO) for precise location idenfication. It measures the sleep through Huawei Trusleep 2.0 to sleep better.

Display with straps; Image source:


It has super-powerful battery with respect to its specs which gonna keep you on throughout 2days of extensive usage. 14 days for typical usage for sport edition

It has 420mah li-po battery which is non-removable.  According to the battery part, it looks like a good nut. After 10 days of extensive usage, it had still 72% power alive in it.

Charging process; Image source:

Charging requirement is 5V. 5/1/1.5/2A

Synchronizing app

 Huawei own health app.

Huawei Health app with charger; Image source:


200euro/ 17,000 Tk

Pros and Cons


How it works

Image source:

–  Good display

– Huawei wearable platform

– massive battery

– waterproof

– Solid build

– Lightweight

– good for sporty figure

– comfortable and stylish


– absence of sim slot

– Lack of SD card slot

– No loudspeaker, no microphone

– No camera


– No Wifi

– stickey price

– limited 3rd party service support

– no 4g

– lack of wireless charging

FOR whom

Watch on hands of a sports person; Image source:

Fitness focused person, with a premium looking package. Overall it is a pretty much a good wearable, comfortable to wear, stylish to see, the activity also great and battery life is awesome.